Community Rules

Community Rules

  1. No swimming/bathing between 22.00hr and 08.00hr
  2. Use shower before entering the pools for hygienic reasons.
  3. No breakable (glass, etc) drinking or eating vessels/bottles to be used around the pools.
  4. No diving or jumping into the pools.
  5. No TV, radio, or music that may cause a nuisance to other Owners may be taken to the pools.
  6. All garbage to be taken back to the apartment for disposal.
  7. No free-standing barbeques on Communal areas.
  8. Community sun loungers and tables must not be moved from the pool surround to private areas.
  9. Community sun loungers must not be reserved nor claimed when away from the pool e.g., lunchtime.
  10. For security reasons ensure the garage and pedestrian gates are closed behind you.
  1. Community lighting will on during the hours of darkness.
  2. In the interest of all Owners noise levels must be kept to a minimum after midnight and keep noise levels to a minimum when windows are open or when used on private terraces, at all times.
  3. The use of apartments for commercial activity is strictly prohibited.
  4. Owners and their guest must not dry/hang Towels/laundry on or from the terrace, walls metal balustrades, or any part of the building or any area of the garden. Restrict drying swim ware and laundry to your terrace area using a free standing “clothes dryer” not a clothesline.
  5. Dogs must be always kept on a lead within the Communal areas.
  6. Owners and their guests are not permitted to use the gate between the Upper and Lower Gardens. The Fence was erected due to swimming pool health and safety legislation.

Spanish Horizonal Laws

The community operates under Spanish law as a Community of Owners.  This document covers owners legal obligations and can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Procedure for building alterations

Please note that no internal or external building works other than those required for routine maintenance or emergency repairs, may be undertaken from the beginning of April to the end of October. All external works require the written authority of the President.